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Someone has to be the calm one, right?  Life can be a whirlwind emphasized by work, family, friends, and the occasional nap… but throughout the craziness of life, something always gets lost.  I got my start in professional photography out of a deep sense of personal sadness when I realized many of the moments in my life were missed.  Whether entirely, or in part because I was the person behind the camera.  Moments that happened but were never captured.  Lost forever.  Only to be shared in a few words as a story… not the One Thousand Words an image can convey…

Photo Credit Sarah Gonia Photography

After hundreds of shoots, I feel at peace that I am doing my part to capture the special moments in the lives of my clients so they can reflect and share them for generations to come.

Why do I do this?  Because I must.  It’s those moments with my clients when they show up nervous, unsure how it will all turn out, only to find laughter, excitement, and satisfaction as we bond in search of a fleeting image.  An image I can see in my mind’s eye, a potential moment that needs to be found and revealed.  Intimate, playful, or simply life in harmony with nature.  When I see the response of my clients, finally bridging the gap between the potential I saw and the reality they now see, it makes it all worthwhile.

My grandmother said photography is about making moments into memories.  I believe this with all my heart.  But it’s about capturing true emotions… which can only be done when your guard is down… when you think no one is looking.

As a mother to two crazy minions, I know life can hide one’s true self.  My job is to find it for you, with you, and help you relax so it can come out to play.  I work together with my clients to find amazing locations that create a backdrop for our shoot.  Given to wanderlust, I am constantly in search of new and interesting environments and love to travel in search of that perfect moment.

I admit, I have a bit of OCD so if you find me online late at night, I’m likely obsessing over finding the perfect image, the perfect edit, hoping you see your excitement when you see the results.

Let’s get to know each other.  Please take a moment to subscribe to my email list, like me on FaceBook, or simply send me a note of feedback.  Will you allow me to reveal the moments in your life?

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