One Thousand Words Senior Photos FAQ Page

1. What can I expect the day of my session?

A day filled with laughs and memories! I LOVE to laugh and have fun and my goal is to

make you feel as comfortable as possible. I will tell you where we want you to meet

me, take a look at your outfit ideas, quickly review over small details you would like,

and begin shooting! I typically spend about 20-30 minutes per outfit, then have you

change, and sometimes move to a new area or location. The main goal is to have you

walk away saying “that was so much fun!!” AND if you would like, you’ll be part of my

Instagram Story, which we might be biased…but I think it’s pretty cool. Soak up

being a celebrity for a day and let me be the paparazzi!

2. Can I bring props to my session?

I strongly encourage this if you have any special interests! I want to showcase

your life up to now (and possibly your future—think college apparel!) I have seen

many different types of props, so I’m  open to all ideas! I will send out a

questionnaire asking about this prior to your session. I want to know what props

you will bring to better prepare myself. If you can’t think of any props, that’s not a

big deal either! There are a lot of seniors who don’t include props in their senior


3.When and how do I pay?

We require a booking deposit right away to hold your date. This is half of the package

price. The remaining amount will be due one week prior to the day of your

photoshoot. You can either pay with a credit card right online (an invoice will be sent

to you) or you can pay by check.

4.Do I need to get my hair and makeup done professionally?

While I do highly recommend getting your makeup professionally done and believe it adds to the overall 

experience. I don’t think it is a necessity. I want you will be happy with

the end results in the images. The goal is to showcase YOU and how YOU want to be seen.

If you would like recommendations for these services, please reach out.

5.OMG! I woke up with a huge zit on my nose. What should I do?

No worries! I can edit small blemishes (and other markings) after the photos are

taken. Do not stress about this.

6.I wear glasses. Will this be a problem?

This will not be a problem. However, I do recommend you get the lenses taken out if

possible. This will eliminate the glare in photos. I cannot edit glare out of your

photos and it can be a distraction when looking at your images. Also, feel free to add

a cute pair of fake glasses, if you want! I always find this cute for some extra


7.How many outfits should I have?

Picking outfits can be difficult. Making your mind up about all of your different

outfit choices can be even more difficult. I will tell you the max number of outfits you

can have for your chosen package. I don’t want you to spend the majority of your

session changing in and out of outfits. I want to give you quality time in front of the


8.How soon will I get to see my images?!

Within a week you will receive a sneak peek. Within 2-3 weeks you will see your

full gallery and you will begin to order any prints you’d like! IKNOW this will be

your favorite part!

9.Where will my session take place?

We will plan this out together. As a photographer, I like to keep in mind locations

with the absolute best lighting for top-notch portraits. Of course, I want lighting

that will make you look your best! This will be something that we discuss in the

questionnaire you receive. There is a travel charge for sessions further than 30

miles from Tacoma.

10.How long will my session be?

It will seem like time flies by because we have so much fun together. The length

of your session will depend on the package you decide to purchase.

11.What happens if that darn PNW weather acts up?

We all know, we live in Washington, so this is bound to happen. I try not to cancel

unless we absolutely need to. I will make the call and let you know as soon as


12.What should I wear to my session?

I like to leave this up to you! Although, I do send all of my seniors some ideas to

help prepare them for the big day.

13. Is there anything I should avoid wearing?

Again, I want this to be left up to you in the end. However, try to not wear anything

that doesn’t make you look like yourself. I want to capture who you are, not who you

aren’t. Always be thinking about what colors and styles look good on you when

picking out your outfits. If you are striving for a timeless image do your best to avoid neon’s or large

logos on your outfit choices.

14.Can I bring parents and/or friends along with to the photo shoot?

I highly encourage you to bring someone along if you can. I might even give

them small responsibilities along the way to keep them involved. Plus, they might help

make you laugh for a couple candid shots! I generally to have an assistant on set with us, but an extra

pair of hands is always good.

15.Do you photograph in a studio or outdoors?

I am primarily a natural light photographer and prefer to work outdoors, but I do also have a daylight

Studio in downtown Tacoma available if you prefer.

16. I’ve seen some photos on Pinterest. Can we try something like


ABSOLUTELY! I love to see what my clients have in mind. Feel free to add details

about this to your senior questionnaire that you will receive.

17. Will I receive digital images?

You will receive all digital files with your packages.

18. How long will you keep my images?

I typically keep your images for a year. However, I can not guarantee they

will be available for this amount of time. I recommend you download and save them


19. How will I have access to my images?

I will provide you with a digital viewing and download gallery. I typically get this

to you within 3 weeks.

20. Can I use my images for my school yearbook picture?

Of course! You will have access to downloading your prints, so they can be sent

right to your yearbook leader at your school. I try to make it as easy as I can for


21. Where do I change into my outfits during the session?

I want to try and be as efficient with our time as we can. With that, we have a

portable changing tent that we can put up wherever we are taking your photos. We

have done it downtown, out in the country, in the woods, and many other places. You

can also feel free to change in your vehicle if that is something you prefer.

22. What should I bring to my session?

Here is a check-list of things to consider bringing along. These are all up to you

to bring. Do not feel as though you need to bring all of this:

● Outfit changes (don’t forget shoes and other accessories!)

● Make-up and hair products/accessories to touch up

● Any props you are going to incorporate

● A friend and/or parent

● A smile!

23. Can I post my senior photos on social media?

Heck yes! I just ask that you tag us or give us credit in some fashion or another. I

also ask that you don’t screenshot your photos because the quality goes downhill fast

when you do that. Lastly, please don’t apply a filter to our images. That makes me

cringe a little bit inside.

24. Can I split my session into two sessions?

I currently do not have this option. However, there are ways around this. I can offer a mini shoot add on

for a second date in a local location.

25. How will the school get my yearbook photo?

You can either send one of the digitals you receive to the yearbook when they ask for

it via email or I can send it if you send us an email requesting that.

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