William Craig

  Client Gallery – HERE *Leslie Harris is the photographer behind One Thousand Words Photography, and is a portrait and wedding photographer in the Seattle/ Tacoma area. She specializes in Couples, Senior and Boudoir portraits as well as Wedding photography. Leslie’s style is true to her PNW roots….honest, authentic and emotional while still maintaining the … More William Craig

Zhayna Smith-Brehmer Senior 2017

“My shoot was the funniest time ever. I got to spend it with the greatest people. I laughed more that day than i have in a while. It was fun to show my real personality in my pictures. My plan for after high school is to take a year off and really think about what i want to do. Then I plan on attending TCC for a nursing program. I want to become a respiratory nurse because that is what i have grown up with. Another thing I wanna do after high school or after college is to travel.” … More Zhayna Smith-Brehmer Senior 2017

STORMAGEDDON With Markie Wheeler Jones Photography LLC

Today was supposed to be the worst storm in PNW in 60 years they said. Typhoon winds, no power, and torrential rain. I heeded the weather warnings like a responsible adult and rescheduled my own sessions for the weekend. Good friend a fellow photographer joked with me all week that she has a no rain … More STORMAGEDDON With Markie Wheeler Jones Photography LLC