Zhayna Smith-Brehmer Senior 2017

Fighter – a person with the will, courage, determination, ability, or disposition to fight, struggle, resist, etc.

When you look at Zhayna most people see a beautiful young woman fill of life and spunk. When I see of Zhayna this is what I see but I also see a fighter, a survivor, a champion.  When Zhayna was 4 she was diagnosed with a rare lung disease . By the age of 10 she had to have a double lung transplant. Such a major hurtle for such a young lady, to this day she takes 15 different medications daily.  PFT (pulmonary function test) every 3 months to see how the air flow is and bronchoscopies every year to see if there is rejection or not. Despite everything to quote Z “I am as healthy I have ever been in 2 years.”


Today at the age of 17 she has nothing but possibility and the world at her feet.

I asked Zhayna to share in her words about her Senior Session and what she plans to do after Graduation.

“My shoot was the funnest time ever. I got to spend it with the greatest people. I laughed more that day than I have in a while. It was fun to show my real personality in my pictures. My plan for after high school is to take a year off and really think about what I want to do. Then I plan on attending TCC for a nursing program. I want to become a respiratory nurse because that is what I have grown up with. Another thing I wanna do after high school or after college is to travel.”
I know this young woman can accomplish anything she sets her mind too. I can’t wait to see what she will become ….SHE IS A FIGHTER
If you want to book a session with OTW click here.

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