Naomi & JJ say “I do”

It was a typically rainy and grey day in mid December in the Ruston waterfront neighborhood of Tacoma, where Naomi and JJ tied the knot at the Ruston Chapel. (Rain on your wedding day good luck in some cultures. It symbolizes fertility and cleansing. This couple’s wedding was interrupted by a torrential downpour and pretty fitting considering they are already expecting another addition to their adorable family.  The dreary outside was a stark contrast to the warm glow of candles and the fireplace inside. This Chapel is romantic and cozy, a perfect setting for their beautifully intimate wedding of close friends and family. Every detail was artfully arranged and made a stunning backdrop to celebrate with the amazing couple. Thank you Naomi and JJ for allowing me to capture your precious memories. Congratulations and blessing on your new life together. XOXO Leslie


Byers Wedding 2016-82.jpg

Byers Wedding 2016-90.jpg

Byers Wedding 2016-107.jpg


Byers Wedding 2016-129.jpg

Byers Wedding 2016-168.jpg

Byers Wedding 2016-26.jpg


Byers Wedding 2016-181.jpg


Byers Wedding 2016-315.jpg



Byers Wedding 2016-452.jpgByers Wedding 2016-23.jpg

Special thanks to the Ruston Chapel, Picasso Catering, Spilled Butter (cake), David’s Bridal, & Gene Juarez (Hair & Make-up)

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