Natthan & Samantha

Sam & Nate 100-18.jpgI met this adorable duo on a cold January day in Lakewood. They are a real married couple that had made themselves victims for several hours of shooting with a group of amazing local photographers. It’s a lot of work to get bossed around in the cold for hours on a Saturday afternoon when a football game on TV  and a warm cup of coffee could be so much more relaxing.

These two were so cute and such a joy to photograph. I absolutely loved how they interacted with each other. You can tell they are as much in love as they day they met.


I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with them again.

And SERIOUSLY I can’t get over how amazing Sam looks in that Red !

Sam & Nate 100-47.jpg

Sam & Nate 100-51.jpg

Samantha & Nathan S.jpg

Sam & Nate 100-71.jpg

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