Amour par la Mer


When Shandria contacted me to do a boudoir session for her to gift to her hunny Josh, I was ecstatic! I’ve known the two of them for  several years, and watched how much they love each other.Honestly I have never seen Shandria so content and happy. They’re simply adorable. Shandria came in and rocked her session, like I knew she would. Here’s what she had to say about her session:


Josh is my best friend and for our first anniversary as a married couple I wanted to give him a unique gift that would be something he could have all to himself. He makes me feel beautiful and special every day and I wanted him to have a gift that was sexy and he could keep forever. I came to you because I trusted you to take tasteful and sexy pictures that I knew he would love. At first I was crazy nervous. But you made it fun and when you showed me the proofs, I was surprised at how sexy I looked in them! As I age, I have gained weight and have felt less attractive despite my husband telling me I’m beautiful. After my session I FELT beautiful.

To book your boudoir session with One Thousand Words click HERE

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