A Type 1 Love Story

Julie S.JulieS32.jpg

Boudoir is one of my favorite things to shoot…nothing beats the beauty of a woman or the confidence  I see her gain when she is finished with a session, but once in a while you come across a story that pictures alone can’t do justice . That’s the love story of Julie and Dennis S.

In Julies words……Just about 11 years ago, I met my husband. We both ended up at a local bar and began what was to be a life-changing debate (about American history). We argued past closing and well into breakfast at a local diner. I didn’t know that night that he was the one who would change my world.


A year and a half later, I stood with him in front of a beautiful church, and we got married.

We are now approaching a ten year anniversary. Life raising three children, while owning a small business, and putting him through law school has been challenging at every curve. We have grown to know we like it that way.

Part of our challenge is that I am a Type 1 diabetic. I’ve had the disease since I was 2. My life expectancy is not what his is. In knowing that, we know that in all likelihood, we won’t be growing old together. How do we deal with that?

We decided to renew our wedding vows now at our 10th anniversary rather than the usual 25th. We have planned festivities that celebrate us, and the family we have created. He took my ring and gave it a solid make-over. Leaving me with the question of how to surprise him with something he wouldn’t buy himself. How do I give him something to remember me when I’m gone? To remember who we were together, and how very much I love him?

Then it occurred to me. A boudoir shoot. And then I called Leslie….❤️

I feel so BLESSED to call this couple my friends. I can’t wait to share their 10 year vow renewal in a few weeks.

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