Katie and Kiyah’s Woodland Mommy & Me Session: By One Thousand Words.


Typically, when I blog about a photography session it is always from my point of view. I like to share with people the way others view them. It is very often SO different than how we see ourselves.

Kate&Kyaha (5 of 87)

We tend to focus on our faults, the side of our insecurities…can you see my blemish? Is my belly sticking out? The stress of getting the little ones dressed and staying clean before the session. These are not the moments that matter …. I like to freeze the real moments in time and make them a memory for a lifetime. 

There are no moments more fleeting and precious than the ones we spend with our babies.   I asked Katie to share why she wanted to book a session for her and her adorable daughter Kyiah. Her reasons were exactly in line with my own feelings . Time is limited and should be treasured .

Kate&Kyaha (15 of 87)


In Katie’s words :

I wanted pictures because I never get in front of the camera unless its a selfie lol I want her to have memories of us when she’s older. We had so much fun it was like a real forest adventure. It definitely proved to me she was made for the camera for sure.


Take Time

Take time to tickle,

To kiss and to hug;

To talk and to love.

Perhaps there’s a lot

That needs done today,

But take a minute

To stop and to play.

They need you right now,

And soon they’re grown.

Soak up the memories

While they’re still at home.

Take time to show them

They’re worth the time spent.

The amount of time shared

Should never be a regret.

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Kate&Kyaha (87 of 87)

Thank you for letting me turn moments into memories

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